News – Publicists, Podcasters and Reputation Managers Explain How Celebrities Craft the Perfect Apology

Phil Lobel has represented Brad Pitt, Aaron Carter, Lisa Vanderpump and more with his firm Lobeline.

He does media training with clients to avoid missteps and tells them to “speak in sound-bites and have your talking points clear in your head in advance,” especially if it’s a live interview.

He says apologies need to be “heartfelt and sincere,” adding that “with the media being omnipresent, it naturally presents celebrities with so many more avenues

News – The Best Hair Dryers in 2020

Besides the fact that it looks (and sounds) super cool, this dryer delivers when it comes to hair styling and function. There are four heat settings and three speeds. The high heat and speed setting will likely dry your hair faster than anything you’ve tried before — it’s worth the splurge if you have hair that takes forever to dry (like mine) and use a hair dryer every day. This could be a real game-changer for your morning routine.


News – Interview with Phil Lobel, of Lobeline Communications

This week we speak to Phil Lobel, one of the entertainment industry’s leading PR Practitioners…

Please tell us about your agency, and what makes you unique?

I was first a college concert promoter at the University of Colorado in Boulder. It was there that I won the

News – The New ‘Interim Economy:’ How Employment Has Dramatically Shifted

In a never-in-our-lifetime milestone, the number of Americans who have filed for unemployment surpassed the 40 million mark with 1 in 4 workers now becoming jobless over the last two months. And Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci has recently shared that a second wave of the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. could happen.

In our


The Fluffy Cloud —‚We love the name, the concept and the story of inception behind the world’s first 360° immersive and interconnected installation that encompasses sound, light and art.

People have been so accustomed to a certain and overly formal order of enjoyment and immersing in entertainment that we’ve forgotten that there should be a sense of community and interaction amongst the audience, and not just a connection the artist. This is the foundation of The Fluffy Cloud — an

News – A CEO who recruits for Google and Siemens sees a shift to white-collar gig work as employers need talent but lack the resources to bring everyone back full time

White-collar work may become gig work following the coronavirus pandemic.

Amid the global coronavirus outbreak, an astronomical 40 million-plus Americans filed for jobless claims over 10 weeks. And many jobs in transportation and hospitality might never come back, economists say.

Layoffs have also hit white-collar workers in tech, as Airbnb, IBM, and Tesla announced they would cut jobs and reduce pay. Many of these specialized, well-paid tech workers may have worked at their

News – Introducing The Fluffy Cloud, The UFO-Like 360° Immersive Stage That Is Reinventing Live Performances

“Doing the same thing over and over is boring,” says Jorge Perdomo, creator of The Fluffy Cloud.

No, The Fluffy Cloud isn’t the name of a fancy new weather app or a pillow you saw on Shark Tank. It is a futuristic art installation that doubles as a formidable concert stage, towering 30-feet high and flaunting a 60,000-watt circular sound system and a dazzling centrifuge of 33,000 polychromatic LEDs. The Fluffy Cloud is a structure like no

News – Enter “The Fluffy Cloud”

BROOKLYN, NY — An exercise in art and extreme engineering, The Fluffy Cloud was designed to foster a more interconnected space via the creation of the world’s first and only fully 360° sound and light experiences. From full-fledged festival-grade concerts, to small-scale family-friendly light and soundscapes, the goal is to create special connected experiences people will never forget.

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