Benjamin Stone’s New Single “Tears” Now on iTunes

| Aug 22, 2013

Classical/jazz composer and producer Benjamin Stone’s new single titled “Tears” is now available on iTunes. This release milestone is the first of many to come – a culmination of his tireless creative efforts – making Stone’s dream at long last, a reality.

Listen to “Tears” – Here


“The Wealthy Investor” on San Diego 6

| Jul 16, 2013

Tyrone Jackson shares his knowledge on San Diego 6

In today’s world of economic uncertainty, in order to create wealth and control your destiny you need a financial education. With the Wealthy Investor, expert trader and wealth coach Tyrone Jackson shares his proven methods of Stock Market Trading Success. The average investor eagerly embraces mutual funds. However, mutual funds don’t create monthly residual income for 98% of those who invest in them. Becoming


BREAKING NEWS: Singer-Songwriter Treena Ruberg Announces First Studio Album Produced by Scott Storch

| Jun 18, 2013

Hollywood, CA – L.A. singer-songwriter Treena Ruberg has her eyes on the skies and is set to launch her first studio album, titled AFTER SCHOOL, featuring hit songs such as “Materialistic” and “Why Do You Want More” for a-mid-summer album’s release. Following soon thereafter will be her first music video directed by Gil Greene.

With legendary producer Scott Storch (50 Cent and Chris Brown) at the helm, composer Johnny Mosegaard


Huffpost Blogger Tyrone Jackson: Collecting Dividends Like Warren Buffett Works

| Jun 5, 2013

Collecting Dividends Like Warren Buffett Works

Warren Buffett is considered by many to be the best long-term investor of his generation. Mr. Buffett consistently invests in companies he believes will still be earning big profits fifteen years from now. Most of the companies Mr. Buffett chooses to invest in also pay dividends.

Warren Buffett’s approach to collecting dividends works for small investors as well. Most investors are familiar with the idea


Lobeline Client Michael Holtz on Examiner

| May 28, 2013

Mr. Gay USA 2011 MICHAEL HOLTZ Competes on TNT’s New Competition Series “72 Hours”

Michael Holtz is a man with many titles; Mr. Gay USA 2011, Compete Magazine’s Athlete of the Year and first-runner-up Mr. Gay World 2011. Of equal significance, since 2008 as an LGBT activist he raised more than $1 million cumulatively for Equality California, GLAAD, The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, and Stonewall Community Foundation in New York City.


Magic Snow – Top Five Snow Scenes in Hollywood Movies

| May 22, 2013

A History of Fake Snow in the Movies

From Charlie Chaplin to modern movies, Hollywood has always managed to fool the eye into believing winter’s in the air, even when it’s 90 degrees on the set.

Magic Snow has chosen five classic films with such convincing artificial snow that you can almost feel the temperature drop.

Edward Scissorhands

Edward is like any other man in town. Well, except for the fact


We Deliver Charles D’Angelo to Family Circle

| May 10, 2013

Author and weight loss coach, Charles D’Angelo, addresses an important issue and how parents can help!

My kid is being bullied about her weight. What should I do?

Listen to your child and be supportive, says Charles D’Angelo, a weight-loss coach and author of  Think and Grow Thin. D’Angelo struggled with his weight as a young child and teen — at his heaviest he weighed 360 pounds — and was bullied because of


LA’s Top PR Company Delivers Charles D’Angelo on Fox News Health

| Apr 12, 2013

Chart your course to weight-loss with fitness guru Charles D’Angelo

When weight-loss coach Charles D’Angelo was 17 years old, he weighed 360 pounds — and he could give you every excuse for why he struggled with his weight.

D’Angelo grew up in an Italian family, who bonded between slices of cherry pie and sips of sugar-laden coffee. His mother was an alcoholic, and his father was a blue-collar worker.
At school, he