News – Bert Miller on 7 Ways to Support an Unemployed Partner

Beyond genuine, non-judgmental support, remember that you bring a valuable perspective to the table, says Bert Miller, the CEO of MRINetwork. How come? You weren’t recently laid off, but perhaps, you have been in the past, so you have an objective, unemotional voice of reason to their experience.

He recommends sitting down with your partner to help bring that realism as you start to make a plan together. “Don’t undermine your partner’s feelings, but instead provide

News – Lauren Peacock on 7 Ways to Support an Unemployed Partner

Relationship and dating expert and author Lauren Peacock says it can help and bond for a partner to volunteer to help your spouse during their job hunt. This may include looking over their cover letter and resume, reaching out to your network, or simply being an example of healthy habits. Your partner will likely feel pressure to find a job quickly, but they need to care for themselves to manage stress and anxiety, too.

“Go on a

News – What Will Your Digital PR Strategy Look Like?

What is your digital PR strategy for 2021?

Across North America–and the globe–small business owners were among the hardest hit during the pandemic. With SMBs in mind, I asked a few dozen public relations and marketing professionals for their best tips for small business owners.

I put together this series to help you succeed this year. Read on to see what folks had to say about their top digital PR strategy–and how it can help you going into this crucial

News – How to Prepare for Divorce in 9 Steps

In other words, says family law attorney Sabrina Shaheen Cronin, “Attorneys should do a better job of counseling their clients to show them the pros and cons of ongoing litigation. For instance, if it costs $10,000 in attorneys’ fees to ‘win’ some assets worth $5,000, you would have been better off walking away from that asset and negotiating something else.”

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News – The Way We Define Independent Contractor Is Broken. Here’s How To Fix It.

The big story about the United States’ workforce this year was the rise of remote working. Tens of millions of American employees defied skeptics and showed the world that, yes, they could be productive and be at home.

Underneath the surface, there’s an even more important employment story that emerged this year: the rise of the independent contractor. This includes a whole new group of mostly white-collar employees who went from full-time salaried positions to being fully employed independent contractors.

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News – What It’s Like Waiting For ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ To Come Out When You Have A Small Part In It

It’s been a long year for everyone — including everyone impatient for Wonder Woman 1984 to come out. It was set to be out last Christmas, but got moved to being a summer 2020 release. Well, that didn’t happen (’cause, you know, pandemic), and it’s been moved several more times since before finally hitting HBO Max on Christmas.

Los Angeles actor Spencer Trinwith was excited about having a small part in the film, but has had

News – 17 Signs Your Partner Might be Having an Affair

“Many times, the cheating partner can start to become overly sensitive over his/her non-shared personal items such as their phone, car, or living space,” Lauren Peacock, relationship expert and author of Female. Likes Cheese. Comes with Dog.: Stories About Divorce, Dating, and Saying “I Do, tells Woman’s Day. “For example, if before he/she left their phone out while taking a shower, they may start to bring it into the bathroom with them or

News – 5 Workplace Predictions for 2021 to Start Planning for Now

Among the challenges organizations and professionals faced in 2020, none were more momentous than those having to do with the way we work. Professionals around the world quickly learned how to shift to video-conferencing platforms, juggle parenting with work meetings (often in the same room), and accept that business travel was nonessential—all while maintaining a high level productivity.

So what’s in store for 2021? And how will it impact your career?

Below, based on my 25 years as a staffing